I've been working on these images for a number of years. When I was working on my first graphic novel, Enemy Ace: War Idyll I was approached by Gabor Barabas, a good friend of mine, to illustrate some poems he had written. Gabor is a pediatric neurologist in New Jersey and a published poet as well. He had written a series of poems called "Find Me a Voice" about the Holocaust. Gabor's grandparents died at Auschwitz and his parents escaped Auschwitz. I jumped at the chance to work with him as the poems were very powerful and the Holocaust is an interest of mine anyway. My father was in the Navy during the Second World War and he had an uncle who helped to liberate one of the camps.

Kasra Ghanbari of 44 Flood and I took a trip to Poland to visit Auschwitz and other camps. He wanted me to visit the actual sites and get a feel for the reality of the places. I'll post a link here for images from that incredible trip.

In talks to finally get this published. Fingers crossed!

You can click on the images for larger views.

I hope you like the work.