Beginning the first of November I have been taking part in AquaVember, a group started by Ken Meyer Jr. The object is to do one water-based piece a day for the whole month. It's basically a prompt to get people working and sharing. So far there's been a lot of fun work posted. Here is the link to AquaVember.

Below I'm posting my pieces for this, both finished and some process shots of works in progress. I've been mostly attacking these traditionally, but a few will also be utilizing the Burt Silverman technique. I don't pencil my watercolors first as I enjoy seeing the piece grow out of the drips and puddles. It's fun, too, to drag a razor blade over the image sometimes to create a nice highlight or to add texture to something. John Singer Sargent said that working with watercolors was "making the best of an emergency." That's what makes them so much fun to do.

All of these will be for sale on this site in the Watercolor section and will be posted as they're completed.

Hope you enjoy.

AquaVember 1

AquaVember 2

AquaVember 3

AquaVember 4

AquaVember 5

AquaVember 6 (still in progress).

AquaVember 7

AquaVember 7 (Earlier State).

AquaVember 8 (still in progress)

AquaVember 9

AquaVember 10 (in progress)

AquaVember 11 (in progress)

AquaVember 12 (in progress)

AquaVember 13 (in progress)

AquaVember 14 (in progress)

AquaVember 15

AquaVember 16

AquaVember 17 (in progress)

AquaVember 18 (in progress).