Enemy Ace: War Idyll Original Painted Art Page 47

Enemy Ace Pg 47.jpg
Enemy Ace Pg 47.jpg

Enemy Ace: War Idyll Original Painted Art Page 47


Mixed Media on Strathmore Series 500 Plate Bristol. This page has only one original piece of art on it which is the top panel. The other panels are photographic prints from other art in the book used as a flashback.

11 x 16 inches

Enemy Ace: War Idyll

Original Pages for sale!

This was my first graphic novel. Using the DC Comics character of Hans von Hammer (Enemy Ace) I compared and contrasted World War One and Vietnam. Two veterans of two different (yet similar) wars struggle to come to grips with what they had to do to survive.

The book saw four American editions, was translated into 9 different languages, was nominated for the coveted Kurtzman and Eisner Awards, was nominated for the Angouleme Best Foreign Graphic Novel, won the Speakeasy Award and French Info Awards for Best Foreign Graphic Novel, and was on the required reading list at West Point Military Academy.

I have kept four pages for myself (and will continue to hang onto them). The four pages I'm offering for sale are the last pages I have that I'm willing to let go of at this time.

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