No Man's Land (Paperback) Signed with an original Ink Wash Drawing

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No Man's Land (Paperback) Signed with an original Ink Wash Drawing


No Man's Land was published by Tundra Publishing, LTD in 1992.

9 x 12 inches, stitched binding.

Introduction by famed artist Marshall Arisman

112 pages printed with 300-line screens on high quality coated paper stock using a sheet-fed press. 16 pages in full color, 96 in duotone.

I personally oversaw the printing of this book in the dead of winter, sleeping in Kevin Eastman's pickup truck wrapped in a thin blanket between press runs. Good times. No kidding!

This book includes almost the complete contents of two oversized sketchbooks I kept while researching World War One for my Enemy Ace: War Idyll graphic novel. The sketchbooks were how I actually sold the project to DC Comics. I explained the project to Editor Andrew Helfer using the sketchbooks, and other loose sketches, to show him my understanding of the war. Coupled with a few sample pieces of the character Hans von Hammer, these materials convinced Andrew that the project was artistically valuable and he immediately began the process of getting the contracts going.

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